A few days ago, I propose you a Q&A about Instagram, my work and editing… You were waiting for it and it’s here ! Read all the article to have all the answers.


How old are you ? 

I’m 25. I’m born in December 1992.

What did you study ? 

I studied one year in fashion and design school after my high school. After this, when I understood it was absolutely not for me, I decided to go in a school of communication during 4 years. Finally, I finished with one year of Journalism in feminine press (travel, fashion, lifestyle, society…). I obtained my Second Master Degree (+5) in June 2016.

How I pay my travel ? 

During my studies, I worked every summer and winter holidays to paid my personal expenses. I used my first salary to buy my first camera. And after this, I decided to travel. I made my first big trip in Thailand in 2013. I even worked during the week when I have some days off at school. Now, I’m travelling since one year and half. When I stay more than 2 months in a country, I’m working. Right now, I’m a communication and marketing partner for a big commercial center in Reunion Island. We will stay in the country until April, before travelling in Africa.


What equipment I use ?

I use a Lumix GX80 with two lenses : 25 mm, f/1.4 and 12-32mm. I also have a 18 mm (big angle) Pixter for my Iphone. I’m working with a tripod, without a big brand name I paid 30 euros in a store and it’s really cool. We are also planning to buy a drone : by the way… if you have some advices about it, I’m in ! Left a comment 🙂

How I edit my pictures ? Which settings for the light ?

I’m using Lightroom to edit my pictures. First, I was working with Lisa Homsy and Mel Vandersluis presets. Now, I build my base with Hilvees ones but I mostly change the colors as I like. For the light, it’s quite hard to answer because it’s never the same. Depends of the place, the picture and the natural light. Don’t forget, when you work on a picture, put down the highlights !


What do you think has been the most successful way to grow your organic following ? What’s my secret ?

First, travelling. After, commenting, liking and discussing with the girls in Instagram. Build relationship, left a lot of comments (when I said a lot, it’s really a lot but no more than 60 per hour!). Try to have a beautiful feed and matches the colors 🙂

How I collaborate with brands ?

There are 2 different ways. I contact them or they contact me. For the first one, when I saw a beautiful dress on Instagram, I click on the picture and I look where it come from. After this, I contact them with Instagram or by email with my media kit. All the collaborations are quite the same. You receive a product, you promote it with pictures, videos, stories or articles.

How did you take the leap ?

When I was in Italy last summer, I didn’t find a job. So, I begin to write as a freelancer and I also begin to take care about my Instagram. It was in July 2017 and I had 500 followers.

How do you make people shoutout your Instagram account ? And how can you get a shoutout on mine ?

For the both, there are 2 ways. Sometimes, I don’t ask for a shoutout, the Instagrammer makes it. And that’s so cool to wake up and saw some compliments like these ! And there is another way : with some friends on Instagram, you decide to make a share shoutouts. It’s a good way to promote your account.


How do you contact magazines in order to write paid articles ? How much can you earn ? Are they specifically travel related ?

When I saw or read a magazine I like, I look into it and there always is the name of the redactor in chief and the email address. So, I just try and see if it works. When I work for medias, it’s not usually travel related. Last, I e-cover a big sport event in Reunion Island for one of the biggest TV channel of France.

For the salary, it depends of the media. The web, on magazines, radio or television are all differents. I can’t give you the price because it’s not the same at all.

Just… When you write as a freelancer in some e-platforms (like GreatContent for example), you are paid 15 euros for 400 words. Yes… It’s nothing ! I was writing 10 articles per day to have a real salary at the end of the month.

Are you a full-time freelancer ?

No. As I said, when I’m travelling I try to have a real job and don’t stay at home all the day to write my articles. I prefer to mix the both at the end. If I don’t find any works, yes I will do it in full-time. More money you get, more you can travel right ?


I hope I answered all the questions. Don’t hesitate to left a comment if you have some others. 


O. M-G 




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