From October 11 to 13, I left for Senonches to participate in my very first yoga retreat, organized by Huttopia and Christelle Javelier. Three days where I could have a break, the real break, the one that makes you feel good at 300%. Here is a short summary of the “Retreat by Huttopia” program, to give you an idea of ​​what to expect if you want to try it.

What is a yoga retreat?

For novices, and for me before that experience, here is an explanation of what a yoga retreat is.

Practicing yoga is one thing. Participating in a yoga retreat is another. Whether you are a follower or not, know that a retreat is accessible to all. A yoga retreat aims to cut yourself off from the outside world and refocus on yourself while practicing yoga on a daily basis. A retreat can be organized over several days or a weekend, and if you wish over several months. I speak about it in my article Yoga and Meditation in Ulpotha in Sri Lanka. Yoga is very often associated with postures but it is also related to your way of eating and living in everyday life. During a yoga retreat, you will take time for yourself, rejuvenate yourself and sometimes even solve your inner problems. Always think carefully about why and how you want to retire.

For my part, I must admit that I agreed to participate in this retreat with Huttopia because I really felt too full of my freelance work. Despite what you can see on social networks, know that we don’t necessarily show everything of our lives, and I am the first. Sometimes I have ups and downs in terms of content creation and motivation, and that’s normal for a freelancer and a young entrepreneur. With yoga, I found a way to appease myself and especially to see things differently.

The program of yoga retreat with Huttopia

The program of the yoga retreat, organized by Huttopia in collaboration with Christelle Javelier, was very complete. Deep stretch and relaxation inspired by sophrology, breathology and guided meditation, hiking or cardio training, dream flow inspired yoga, heat yoga and muscle building, abdominal workshops … Yes all that! But also a cooking workshop, free time to take care of yourself and beautiful meetings. You can find the whole program of yoga retreat with Huttopia by going directly on my top stories on my Instagram account @labengale.

Who is Christelle Javelier?

For those who do not know her, Christelle Javelier is a sports coach. In 2013, she started her lifestyle blog to spend her free time as a freelance journalist. She represents today a generation of coach in the air of the time. Go take a look at her blog it boosts you every day and teaches you to love yourself, as a person, and to release the pressure, cut you off from everyday life. She teaches you how to work on your self-esteem and above all she coaches you to let the “we say” aside, the judgments. I found the two words to describe it: beautiful person. And it feels good !

The little extras of the Huttopia retreat

The Huttopia campsite in Senonches: the main asset for a yoga retreat

Huttopia chose the perfect campsite to organize this first yoga retreat. Yes ! This is a first for me, but for them too! I already told you about the Huttopia concept in my last article “Unusual accommodation: sleeping in a hut in nature“, do you remember? The camping Senonches is located in the heart of the forest, 1:30 from Paris. For nature lovers, it’s paradise! You will be cut off from the world. There is a forest spa, a heated pool, boats to go for a ride on the lake, between water lilies and shellfish (well ok, I go a little far but you see a little topo). It was the perfect place to organize the Retreat by Huttopia. And especially the perfect place to do yoga.

Of course, the accommodation is included in the price of the yoga retreat organized by Huttopia. You have nothing to pay when you arrive.

Meals prepared by Divine Kitchen Food

In most cases, everything is included in a yoga retreat. Here, expect healthy meals. For this first edition of the Retreat by Huttopia, the vegan chef of Divine Kitchen Food was in the kitchen. The dishes were … how do you say? DELICIOUS is not even strong enough to describe them. It was healthy, it was good, there was a lot of taste, different flavors and sincerely I can not wait for her to share her recipes.

The price

This yoga retreat is 400 euros! Sincerely … We talked a lot with Christelle and the others and the price is really affordable compared to other prices on yoga retreats. This is big, of course, but imagine … The two nights in a cottage, three meals a day, yoga classes and coaching by a personal sports coach … All for 3 days and 400 euros. So yes, it’s worth it.

Here is the registration form for the retreat I attended. This can already give you an idea 🙂

In any case, do not hesitate if you have questions. I answer all your comments 🙂 I can not wait to share other small nuggets like this. We find ourselves very soon for new adventures.


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