I recently did a road trip of a few days in Switzerland and I wanted to write a small debrief on the places where you could sleep. From the igloo to the pavilion on the water, through a manor and a hotel suspended in the clouds … Here are my top 5 ideas for a unique night in Switzerland.

A few days ago, I went with Laura (@theblondehills) and Léa (@leadorablee) for a road trip in Switzerland. We rented a car for 5 days with Rental Cars (I recommend it again and again but it is really my favorite website to rent a car for my trips). Here is the road trip we did, it was quite short and fast but we made it and we have seen beautiful landscapes:

  • Geneva (1 day)
  • Lucerne passing by Lake Blausee, Iseltwald, the cave of the Rhone Glacier (to be seen during sunny days), and Andermatt. I also advise you to go to the Furka Pass if you can. The road was closed for us. (2 days)
  • Monthey (1 day)
  • Neuchâtel (1 day)

As I told you, our road trip was very short and we did a lot of kilometers. If you want to enjoy Switzerland, I advise you to leave for at least a week. There are so many beautiful areas to explore that you will even want to return. Besides, I would like to go to Latsch and the famous viaduct to see the red train! In short .. we were talking about hotels, no? Here are 5 ideas for a unique night in Switzerland.

We spent our first night at the Hotel Le Richemond in Geneva. It is located right at the foot of Lake Geneva, just minutes from the historic city center. The hotel is a little wonder (the breakfast too but that’s also my passion breakfast that speaks). It’s a 5 star hotel that deserves to be discovered. Our room overlooked the lake and cathedral, but also the sunset, and that … is priceless.


  • The water jet of Geneva
  • The shores of Lake Geneva
  • The old center of Geneva for a historical walk
  • The airport is about fifteen minutes by car


  • The tranquility of the place
  • The balcony and the view
  • Breakfast (especially fan of scrambled eggs and bacon)
  • The service upon our arrival, a quality staff

It was surely one of the craziest hotel experiences since I started testing hotels. Whitepod is synonymous with eco luxury. Located in the heights of Monthey, these small pods (I prefer to give them the name of igloo during the winter) are real small wonders. Arrived at the reception, you will have your little bag of adventurer with a flashlight, crampons and a map. It will take you about 15 minutes to walk to the pod house (the main house where breakfast is served) and your pod. We arrived in a snow storm, it was quite folkloric but great experience. Before heading out to conquer the summit of Monthey, we went to eat at Les Cerniers restaurant, the only restaurant of the village which is also that of Whitepod. That was delicious. The girls ate a fondue and they loved it. The pod is amazing and decorated in the chalet atmosphere, wooden wall and cozy. There is even a fire (pellet) to warm you in the winter.


  • The border with France
  • The Pointe de Bellevue
  • The most beautiful hiking trails in the region
  • Downtown Monthey


  • Calm … It feels like home
  • The beauty of the place
  • the decoration
  • the cocooning atmosphere
  • Breakfast at the main chalet
  • Activities offered by the hotel

You can find all the information on the Whitepod.


I could’nt imagine discovering a hotel like the Palaffite of Neuchâtel. The hotel is home to beautiful pavilions on the water: perfect for an unusual night in Switzerland. The pavilions are spacious and offer direct access to the lake. What is quite original is that you can admire the lake no matter where you are located in the house. This is the perfect place for a romantic getaway 😉 And otherwise, the breakfast buffet is impressive. There is everything and especially it is one of the most suitable buffets for intolerant people! I was really surprised. Regarding dinner, we ate at the Table de Palaffite and this is the favorite restaurant of our stay! The dishes are delicious, worked and hype gastro! I’m not a great culinary expert but I can assure you that the tournedos rossini I ate was well worth it! I already want to go back this summer.



  • Lake Neuchâtel (30 seconds, the time you put on your swimsuit)
  • The castle of Neuchâtel
  • The city center (not to be missed during a visit)
  • The Jura mountains, indeed the lake is located a few minutes from the border with France.


  • Restaurant. Clearly one of the best I have tried so far.
  • The space in the pavilion, a real pleasure.
  • Direct access to the lake for swimming.
  • The decoration atmosphere seaside 🙂

You can find all the information on the Palaffite.


So … at first, you will say: why does she advise us to sleep in a hotel like this? Indeed, at first sight, the Paxmontana looks like a horror manor. While … I was really surprised! We arrived late so we were pretty tired of the road but in the end it was not bad. Atypical! And I love atypical places like this one, which do not look like the first ones.



  • Lake Lucerne is about twenty minutes away
  • Interlaken is 40 minutes away
  • You have access to the ski slopes


  • The originality of the place, it’s like being in a horror movie haha
  • The proximity to the lake
  • The mountain atmosphere

You can find all the information on the hôtel Paxmontana.

Finally, here is a 5th idea for an unusual night in Switzerland: the Büergenstock. I’m sure you’ve heard about it before. This dreamy hotel is located on the heights of Lake Lucerne and has an incredible spa with breathtaking views of the lake and mountains. In addition to being the place of relaxation of the region, you will find restaurants of very good quality. We ate at Verbena and the food is delicious. The food is Mediterranean and healthy! In addition, you will be in a truly zen and invigorating atmosphere, in front of the mountains. Also, the rooms at Hotel Büergenstock have bathrooms with incredible views. This hotel is for those who want to take a break in peace.



  • Lake Lucerne (you can reach it in 3 minutes by taking the shuttle)
  • The city of Lucerne (it is about 15 minutes by boat)
  • Hiking trails in the surrounding mountains
  • Belvedere (access is prohibited during the winter)


  • The ice rink, ideal for fun with family or friends during the winter
  • The Verbena, a big fan
  • The Büergenstock spa and infinity pool

You can find all the information on the Büergenstock.


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