I recently went to the east of Spain to discover the city of Lloret De Mar. I was surprised by the places to discover, its friendly people and activities to do on site. Far from the clichés of parties and frenzied parties, here are my top 10 things to do in Lloret De Mar.

As usual, after each of my trips I take the time to make a summary so that you too can plan and organize your stay on site. This time, we find ourselves in the city of Lloret De Mar, a seaside resort located in the north-east of Spain, 1 hour from Barcelona and 3 hours from Toulouse. It is a perfect city for those who wish to leave in the summer sun, without making thousands of kilometers from France. Some of you have surely heard of Lloret De Mar, its evenings and parties to excess, this city where young people come to dance until the end of the night. Well, I made this trip last October and I can tell you that I did not go for it and especially that there is a lot to see on site. Here are my top 10 things to do in Lloret De Mar.

10 things to do and see in Lloret de Mar

  1. Take a sunbath on the rooftop of the Hotel Delamar: there are two swimming pools, a bar and what you can do and enjoy a cocktail at the end of the day. I let you taste the delicious Margarita, it is very well dosed and almost similar to the one I tasted in Mexico.
  2. Hike through on the Camí de Ronda North. This path is located along the coast of Lloret De Mar. The landscapes are sumptuous. Blue waters through castles and rocks just as imposing as each other, there is something to see! This hike lasts approximately 3 hours round trip and is suitable for all types of profiles. You do not have to be a great sportsman. This is one of the things to do in Lloret De Mar and I recommend it 100%.
  3. Lunch at the Atics. This restaurant is located right at the seaside and offers a beautiful view of the coast. The dishes offered are delicious and suitable for all types of diet. The staff is friendly and you will be served with a smile!
  4. Take a boat trip of 3 hours, with aperitif and snacks included, all for 27 euros per person.
  5. Bathing at Treumal beach. It is accessed from the chapel of Santa Cristina. It has abundant vegetation and the waters are transparent! It’s worth taking a look. This is one of the many coves on the coast of Lloret De Mar.
  6. Take a walk in the city center. Not to be missed: the J. Verdaguer passig, the Vila casa, the Capella del Santíssim. The buildings of Lloret De Mar are colorful, which gives a lot of character to the city. Here, we are not bored. There is plenty to do in the historic city center. To get a map of the city and ideas for a trip, I look forward to seeing you at the Museu del Mar. This is where the tourist office is located.
  7. Make a stop at the Can Font. This house dates from the 19th century and has kept its features of the time. At the time, this house was one of the first to modernist style. It was equipped with the latest innovations (running water, sanitary facilities and kitchens). The house has several floors and you will have access to all rooms and exteriors. This is part of my top 10 things to do Lloret De Mar because it is also a fun way to learn more about the city and its history.
  8. Discover the beautiful gardens of Santa Clotilde. Perched on a cliff, these gardens offer an impressive view of the sea. The style? Italian and Renaissance, quite amazing for a Catalan garden. On your way you will see pretty sculptures, fountains and especially do not miss the mermaids alley.
  9. Drink a daiquiri in Cala Banys. The daiquiri is the original cocktail of Lloret De Mar and therefore a must to test during your stay. It is composed of rum, lime juice and sugar. In Cala Banys, you will taste it at the foot of a beach and underneath the palm trees.
  10. Dinner at Studio 66 in Lloret De Mar. The restaurant is a few minutes drive from the city center but you can also walk there. The menu is full of delicious tapas (we tested a lot and I can tell you that it sends heavy). The decor is worthy of the most beautiful cinemas, in short I recommend it 100% I loved it!

If you want to see my trip on video, head over to my story at Lloret De Mar on Instagram. By the way, you can find all my addresses and tips for each destination on my Instagram account La Bengale.

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