As you saw in my stories last week on Instagram, I went to Megeve for 3 days with Cimalpes to discover the Chalet des Sens. Megeve is a ski resort in the Alps, located in the south-east of France. It’s located a few minutes from the city center is the Mont d’Arbois resort where we stayed with the girls. I make a small debrief after these 3 days of pure madness and I also wrote you some ideas of things to do and see if you go to Megeve this winter.

December is going so fast and some of you have already planned to spend a few days in the mountains this winter. If you have not made your choice, I recommend the ski resort of Megeve, a jewel in the heart of the Alps, a few minutes from Mount Blanc. It’s perfect for a moment with family or friends! It was so great for me and I must tell you that I wasn’t disappointed at all. I was even super surprised. In this article, I give you some ideas for activities and I also describe my experience at Chalet des Sens with Cimalpes, a pure happiness.

How to go to Megève ?

You must know that the Megeve ski resort is located just an hour from Geneva airport and 180 kilometers from the city of Lyon. Perfect if you arrive by plane! There is also a bus station and a train station “Sallanches – Megève”. From Lyon or Geneva, you can also take a Ouibus (super convenient and cheap). For those who wish to book a taxi, it won’t be hard finding the best. Many drivers make transfers from the airport.


How to move around Megève ?

The city center of Megève can easily be visited by foot. If you want to reach the ski slopes, take the bus shuttles (line 1 and line 4 in winter). You are only few minutes away from the ski lifts.

The Chalet des Sens is a small pearl of design, located on the heights of Mont d’Arbois, near to the ski slopes and a few minutes from the ski lifts. From the exterior to interior design, everything is prestigious and luxurious.


As soon as I arrived at Chalet des Sens, I felt at home. Michelle, the housekeeper, welcomed us so warmly. The chalet has been designed for 12 people, including a room with 4 single beds for children. Composed of 3 floors, it is spacious and invites to perfection in this mountains vibes. I didn’t know how unusual this experience was going to be. I really felt like a princess during those three days. When I discovered the chalet, I was impressed. From the private spa, to the jacuzzi, through the entertainment room, the cinema, the piano, the beauty of the rooms, the indoor pool and the workroom …
Everything was perfect. The cottage even has a professional kitchen, where your private chef will come to prepare you exquisite dishes. In addition, you will also have a housekeeper and a private driver. There is even an airplane overview of the Mount Blanc offered with the reservation of the cottage. To finish, a stay at the Chalet des Sens Cimalpes will be simply … Unforgettable! Here are some pictures to give you an idea of ​​the cottage.

Megève is a small authentic village, very popular with tourists during the winter. Here are the activities to do during your stay:


  1. Take a ski pass for the day and go to one of the 3 ski areas around Megève.
  2. Take a figure ice-skating class at the Palais of Megève, a large sports complex located in the heart of the village. You will even be able to climb, play handball, go to the indoor or outdoor pool and enjoy the balneotherapy area and the spa of ​​the center.
  3. Visit a reindeer farm. The Domaine du Coulairon offers to discover the area of ​​reindeer herding and the sheepfold. You will end your visit with a sweet and hot snack in a small yurt by the fire.
  4. Go and have a hot chocolate (the best of the city) at Georges, the tea room of the Mont Blanc Hotel. Lactose intolerant can even enjoy a chocolate with soy milk.
  5. Take a carriage ride. This is the best way to discover the city! And besides that, it’s very romantic!


In addition to the activities to do in Megève, there are things to see:


  1. The Mount Blanc. Enjoy your stay in Megève to discover it from the air thanks to an overview with Aerocime.
  2. The village of Megève and its historic city center. Don’t miss the local craft market every Sunday morning during the winter. Visit the Saint Jean-Baptiste church, the Magdelain Tower or the wash house, located Rue d’Arly. There is also a very nice waterfall, called “La Belle au Bois”.
  3. Enjoy an incredible view of the whole village from the heights of Mont d’Arbois. During the winter, the road to get there is just magical. A stunning landscape where the trees are all dressed with a white coat.



Some advices for the best trip to Megeve

To make your stay in Megève successful, here are some tips:

  • Don’t forget your swimsuit. Megève is a ski resort but you will have the opportunity to enjoy a heated pool during your stay.



  • Don’t forget to bring in your suitcase your hat, scarf, gloves, parka and stuffed shoes.

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